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Notes That I've Found in My Phone

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Do lightning bugs get insecure during the day time?

Our culture is not pop culture

How does polo find Marco

Just is not synonym for only, it’s a shortcut for justifiably. There’s a negative connotation to a word that aims to confirm

When do terrorists become freedom fighters?

White people are hashtags and jokes about a gorilla being shot meanwhile black people are crying and protesting over their brothers, sons, daughters, being locked up and taken down systematically because they’re seen as threats. We got human harambe’s out here, open your fucking eyes.

The first signs of spring a spike in alcohol poisoning

I wish lullabies weren’t so simple; I wish elementary school taught you how to pay your taxes.

Fresh cut more butt says the grass atttached to the ass

I'm sorry for all of the bad parts of me,

I didn't mean to show them to you but they can't stay humble

I could’ve saved a life but it’s not my place to tell tell a death wish, “no”

They should be called preservations not reservations

Your heart will take you places your mind never dreamed in going

I don’t like being in the spot light but I like being let back stage

You cannot take back what you said. You have already offered it to the universe. You can only revise your previous statements.

I love you

I mean I loved you

I’d never hurt you

I mean I’m sorry

I’ll work out today

Maybe tomorrow

You look good in them jeans

You’d look better without them

Fuck the police

I can’t breathe

If I make it to the top, you right there with me

My niggas say I changed

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