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Photo Series Final

I decided to defy the rules of the assignment. I find out on Wednesday if I am being suspended or expelled from Penn State. They are both highly likely so I wanted my final project here to mean something to me. It's stubborn, I know, but that is me. The project goes to point out the hypocrisies of the American Government and the effects it has on its citizens. It is entitled: Surviving the Trap. A Trap is a term used to describe the drug game (also called The Game) because once you start, it is nearly impossible to stop. You get either get hooked on what you are selling or you have so many people hooked you will forever and always be the person they look for to get their fix. You don't realize you are in the trap until it is time to get out. And it is hard. So hard that our government has fallen in the trap. The United States makes trillions of dollars off of selling marijuana, a Schedule 1 drug, and still manages to charge people with felonies for possession and intent to distribute. Tens of thousands of people are in jail because they were charged with similar crimes as me but were less privileged an unable to come out on the better side of things. This is an injustice that needs to be highlighted. However, I wanted to focus on the brighter side of things. The trap is escapable if you have the means to escape. Family, friends, money, a fucking lawyer. It is possible to get out. This series is very personal to me which is why I truly discarded the bounds of the assignment. I wanted to create something that I'd cherish forever. This is a documentation of a 7 year long process my friends and I went/are going through. This is the process of surviving the trap.

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