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Photo Story

It's very difficult to think of a possible photo story and I'm not exactly sure why. I guess I've never had to capture an entire story in photographs before. I'm inclined to do something I care about to inspire my best effort and my best work. Two of the prevalent ideas that come to mind are following the stories of minoritized students on campus, and following the story of someone in a particularly interesting, hands on major. Maybe someone who is a veterinarian major or something to do with a hands on science. It'd be interesting to capture the dynamic lives of a minoritized student or someone with an interesting major because PSU is notorious for being a one faced university. Which is to say, when you think of Penn State, you think of a cookie cutter representation of the whole. You think of a white business major or engineer. But exploring the intersections is what has always intrigued me. What if I can find a neuroscientist that does art on the side? Or an international student that wants to become a teacher in America. What is their journey like? What does their story look like? How can I visually represent the dualities and complexities, the implicit contradictions of identity? I'm not sure what I want my topic to be exactly, but I have now come to the conclusion that I want it to be centered around atypical identity and therefore my two ideas are revised to be: someone on the gender spectrum or a minority admit a vast majority.

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